Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Cara Transfer Duit Dari CIMB ke Akaun ASB

Cara Transfer Duit ke Akaun ASB Melalui CimbClick

Step 1:
Login ke laman rasmi CIMBCLICK >>CIMBCLICKS

Step 2: Tekan dropbox bahagian "My Investments">> "ASNB"

 Step 3: Tekan"Add New Accounts" untuk tambah akaun ASNB anda ("My Favourite ASBNB")
 Tekan "Add New Account No." untuk tambah nombor akaun ASNB anda.

Kemudian masukkan details akaun.

 Pilih  >>Amanah Saham Bumiputera
Masukkan Nick Name(contoh: "ASB AIN"
 Masukkan Membership No.>> No akaun ASNB
Pilih Member's ID Type>> No IC
Masukkan Member's Name>> Nama Pemegang Akaun
>> Kemudian tekan butang "Submit"

 Step 4: Tekan "TAC on Mobile /SMS" untuk dapatkan No TAC untuk pengesahan.

 Step 5: Tunggu approval dari pihak bank. Apabila sudah approved barulah dapat transfer ke akaun ASB secara direct.

Step 6: Bila dah dapat approval barulah dapat transfer duit dari CIMB ke akaun ASNB.

Pilih "Payment Form" >> Your CIMB Account

 "Tick"checkbox untuk Terms and Condition dan kemudian click butang "Submit"

Tekan "Confirm" untuk meneruskan transaksi


Saturday, 19 November 2016

Cara Transfer Duit Dari MAYBANK ke Akaun ASB

Cara Transfer Duit ke Akaun ASB Melalui Maybank2u

Step 1:
Login ke laman rasmi MAYBANK >>MAYBANK2U 

Step 2:
Klik pada bahagian "Investment" dan kemudian klik pada bahagian "ASNB Unit Trust"

Step 3:
Klik pada bahagian "Add" untuk tambah akaun ASB anda.

Kemudian masukkan details akaun.

 Pilih  >>Amanah Saham Bumiputera
Masukkan Nick Name(contoh: "ASB AIN"
 Masukkan Membership No.>> No akaun ASNB
Pilih Member's ID Type>> No IC
Masukkan Member's Name>> Nama Pemegang Akaun
>> Kemudian tekan butang "Submit"

Step 4: Tekan "TAC on Mobile /SMS" untuk dapatkan No TAC untuk pengesahan.

Step 5: Tunggu approval dari pihak bank. Apabila sudah approved barulah dapat transfer ke akaun ASB secara direct.

Step 6: Bila dah dapat approval barulah dapat transfer duit dari MAYBANK ke akaun ASNB.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

It’s Not Over: Failure Just a Beginning and Success is in the Making

I remember clearly the day in Sept 2015 when I would receive the kind of news that no students wants to hear.

“Miss Nur Ain. I'm Sorry, but you aren’t having your convocation on Oct 2015. You have to take another one subject which is 3 credit hours to complete your minimum requirements for your graduation.”

I was very devastated after that phone call. Its kinda hurt when knowing I will not having convocation with my classmate (BIS ICT May'11).I felt like all the life had drained out of me. Situations like these are hard to take, but you know what? It toughens you up. I'm glad that my parents, my friends always support me and give me strength to continue my studies till the end. They said better late than never.

06112016 -    Alhamdulillah. All praises be to Allah, The Lord of The World. Five years of blood, sweat, and tears and finally, I'm having my convocation day. First of all, I would like to thank Abah, Ibu because never give up to believe in me since my first day here in UTP, thanks for helping me work through my problems and for listening to me whenever I needed to vent. Thanks Abah, Ibu for making me smile or laugh whenever they saw I was down, for always checking on me to make sure I was okay especially during my hard time. It's because of both of you that I am standing up here today. I couldn't have done this without both of you. p/s: I love you both.

Looking back, I see it was all good, everything that happened. When I'm back to UTP for good (to finish-my-last-semester-obviously), I've met a lot of new people and gained some new friends. I've learn something important which is throughout life we will receive bad news and failure that will attempt to strip our confidence to the bone, but we can never allow that to happen. Failure just a beginning the path to success and a necessary part of our growth as human beings. Failure doesn't mean its over. Failure is something that stops and gets you nowhere. Do you stop moving, stop breathing, or stop living when things don’t go as planned? This body only stops when its heart stops beating. So every day it keeps ticking is another chance at progress. I believe that life is a giant learning experience and every pitfall and disappointment leaves us with a stronger foundation to stand on, as we begin again.

My dad always said that failure is only failure if you say it is. It only exists if you’re not willing to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and walk on. Besides, success depends on those struggles, those attempts, those defeats. Success requires that climb up. Success is a journey, it consists of every trial and triumph. Its makes you stronger and teaches you more about yourself. Failure is an opportunity to evaluate, do different and is better than the regret of not doing. Everything that happens contributes to a new awakening, a new way of life, a new way of being. We just have to see it as such. When we don’t stop at failure, we’re bound for success. So really, failure is success in the making. We’re always full of potential to do different, do more, and do better. Failure is what you thought you couldn’t be, what you thought you couldn’t do, what you thought you couldn’t have. Change that thought. Start looking at life in terms of what you can and will do from where you are, with what you’ve got right now.

Congratulations to all! Graduation is not the end, it’s just the beginning of the beautiful life that lies ahead of you. Happy Convocation to all UTPians. Best of luck for your future endeavors. Cheers!

Monday, 10 October 2016



Hi, guys! I'm back!
Less or more than 2 months we will count down to 2017. What do you had achieved in 2016? How's your life? Better or become worst? For me, I think 2016 is not a good year for me even it is the worst year ever in my life.

Someone broke my heart into little pieces. Losing him was like losing a part of me. I couldn’t function well. Yet, by the time that he and I had parted ways, our connection was already severed, bleeding, broken and hanging on by threads we both imagined were there. But it is not.

When we met, we think we were good together, open-hearted, honest, trusting each other ("roll eyes"). A few months later, we were both addicts, self-harming in our own ways, and both in the habit of using words as weapons against each other - everything's seems goes wrong way. Sure, you and I, we were sick, mentally and emotionally exhausted.

But after that, I think I just found myself back. I enjoy my happy time as single again. Maybe it sounds like my broken heart healed naturally, over time. It didn’t. But I choose to be happy because I deserve to be happy.  

Finally, now, I can experience the feeling of love when looking at sunset (read: handsome boys) and enjoy my lonely time. I can have a really good conversation with friend, hangout with them, and of course having a very good time with my family. I’ve come to define love as an awareness of my connection to the world, and I allow that connection to take endless forms. Because of that, I’m no longer begging, pleading, desperately for people to love me, and I am not obsessing about past relationships lost.

Having heartbreak doesn't mean I will give up on love forever. Of course not, because I believe each relationship is different, so we will experience various of unique connections with different person. I have come to believe that heartbreak is an incredible opportunity and a chance to observe the difference between true love and addiction. It’s a chance to separate our desire for love from our expectations about where love comes from. 

Heartbreak maybe the best opportunity for us to look at what we believe we’ve lost and realized that, maybe, we’ve never actually found it. Of course, it will still hurt. But if you allow yourself to lose a relationship without losing love and then your healing process will be more easier and it will open doors to profound self-discovery rather than be suffering.

Learning to love showed me how much I have to give, and it’s more than I could have ever imagined. And heartbreak can actually strengthen your future relationship. As Gangaji said, “let your heart break, for your breaking heart only reveals a core of love unbroken.”

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Ancaman dan Ugutan Media Social

Assalamualaikum dan Hi guys!

Lama sungguh blog aku tak terupdate, aku taknak cakap banyak cuma nak straight to the point je untuk entry kali ni. Adakah korang pernah terima ancaman, ugutan atau apa saja termasuk gangguan yang melampau yang boleh mengganggu keharmonian, ketenteraman jiwa, emosi dan hidup korang? Oh yes, aku pernah. Tahun ni. Kalau nak cerita panjang sangat. So, berbalik pada topik kita, kadang-kadang kita takut untuk buat report terhadap ancaman dan gangguan yang kita terima. Kononnya dengan harapan bila masa berlalu ancaman dan gangguan tersebut turut juga berlalu. Ya, itulah aku fikir pada mulanya. Berbulan-bulan berlarutan hingga menjadi teruk gila. Bila ada seorang wanita psiko menganggu aku bermula dengan telefon, sms, whatsapp dan semua media social, iaitu FB, Instagram dan Twitter. Tidak cukup dia menggunakan banyak nombor telefon (lebih dari 5 nombor eh) yang berbeza untuk kacau hidup aku, bila aku block kesemua nombor tersebut dia cari platform lain untuk serang aku iaitu media social menggunakan akaun-akaun FAKE (twitter je ada 6 akaun fake). Mental weyh sumpah mental.

Tetiba aku teringat subjek dekat UTP dulu, CYBER LAW, aku terus google semua akta yang terkandung bawah Akta Jenayah Cyber 1997 dan Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia 1998, dan untuk kes aku ni, kedua-dua akta ini boleh diguna pakai. Jadi aku nak kongsi cara buat aduan sekiranya perkara yang sama berlaku dekat korang. Kalau korang atau sesiapa pun yang menerima sebarang email, di media social, mahupun sms yang berbaur ugutan termasuklah gangguan yang melampau serta menyakitkan hati, serta rasa terganggu mental dan kehidupan terganggu, jangan risau ada akta boleh melindungi kita. Cuma tolong jangan takut untuk buat aduan. Ambil tindakan cepat sebelum terlambat gais, bila kita berhadapan dengan orang macam ni bahaya jugak gais.


Terima kasih di atas aduan/maklumbalas anda kepada Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM).
Berhubung permasalahan tersebut, ia dibawah Akta Jenayah Cyber 1997 iaitu dibawah bidang kuasa pihak Polis. Tuan/Puan boleh membuat laporan kepada pihak Polis berhubung perkara tersebut.

Untuk makluman, adalah menjadi kesalahan di bawah Seksyen 233, Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia 1998 (AKM98) sekiranya seseorang yang menggunakan mana-mana kemudahan rangkaian atau perkhidmatan aplikasi secara sedar mewujudkan apa-apa komen, permintaan, cadangan atau komunikasi lain yang lucah, sumbang, mengancam atau jelik sifatnya dengan niat untuk menyakitkan hati, menganiayai, mengugut atau menganggu orang lain.

Oleh yang demikian, sekiranya tuan/puan menerima apa-apa kandungan komunikasi yang mempunyai elemen-elemen tersebut di atas, tuan/puan bolehlah mengemukakan aduan kepada pihak SKMM dengan menyertakan butir-butir berikut untuk diambil tindakan:

1.    Penjelasan terperinci berkenaan aduan yang dikemukakan dan bukti yang menunjukkan berlakunya sebaran tersebut mengunakan saluran apa bagi menyokong dakwaan pihak puan.
2.    Maklumat lengkap diri pengadu (Nama Penuh, IC No. Alamat Kediaman, Nombor telefon yang boleh dihubungi.
3.    Sebaran Menggunakan Emel
-      Emel asal yang diterima atau disebarkan
-      Internet header bagi emel tersebut
4.    Sebaran menggunakan laman web/internet
-       maklumat yang diperlukan adalah URL/ Link bagi kandungan/artikel/komen/petikan yang dimaksudkan
-       Cekupan skrin URL/Link yang dimaksudkan
5.    Bagi gangguan menerusi talian mobile
- Salinan SMS/MMS /Rekod kandungan percakapan atau video/ Rekod kekerapan panggilan yang diterima beserta masa dan tarikh yang diterima beserta masa dan tarikh
-      Nombor telefon yang membuat gangguan
-      Nombor telefon yang menerima gangguan
-      (Bagi panggilan daripada “Private No/ Withheld” rekod masa panggilan berserta tarikh adalah diperlukan)
6.    Sesalinan laporan polis untuk sokongan.
*Pengadu adalah dinasihatkan untuk menyimpan bukti tersebut sepanjang tempoh siasatan dijalankan dan bersetuju menyerahkan telefon berserta simkad sebagai bahan bukit dari pihak pengadu bagi membolehkan siasatan lanjut dilakukan*

Diharap tuan/puan dapat memaklumkan maklumat yang diperlukan kepada pihak kami dalam tempoh tiga (3) hari bekerja dari tarikh emel ini dihantar. Sila hubungi kami sekiranya tuan/puan memerlukan sebarang bantuan berhubung perkara ini melalui emel atau ditalian aduan 1800 888 030 (Isnin-Jumaat 8.30am - 5.30pm)

Sekian terima kasih. 
Yang benar,

Biro Aduan Pengguna SKMM
Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor