Sunday, 10 June 2012


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MakeweekendUTP?? What is makeweekend??

Always wanted to work on a really cool project?

Have an idea? Stop talking about it at teh tarik sessions with the friends. Join a Makeweekend to rapidly build lofty ideas into solid realities.

Makeweekends are intensive programmes designed to help people make “first steps” in building cool projects, social enterprises, and new lines of business by bringing together people from design, business, and programming backgrounds. Over the weekend, interdisciplinary teams including students and professionals work together on concepts and hash your ideas out into working prototypes.

The programme is the idea environment for people to take the crucial first steps in building their enterprise by starting with quickly building a product (or service) and planning it its future growth in an action-oriented atmosphere.

Makeweekend is a kind if practice demo ahead of the final demos at the end of the weekend. All of the teams have built something and their prototypes are quite far ahead.

Above is a team working on an interesting project to make any surface a writing surface using digital laser projection. Have you seen laser-projected keyboards? This is a much cooler application of that technology.

Of course, wild ideas are encouraged at Makeweekend. The team below has been working on ways to attach parachutes to airplanes to reduce the likelihood of a crash.


Meh nak ceritakan dalam bahasa ibunda..Makeweekend salah satu alternatif or satu project yang membolehkan manusia-manusia creative dan innovative  merealisasikan impian dia..contoh: korang rasa tak masuk akal la korang nak buat something new..contoh nak buat lappy yang paling superb..kalau kena air tak korang buat satu prototype untuk idea korang tu..So makeweekend amat mengalu-alukan orang seperti anda..Alhamdulillah UTP diberi peluang untuk menjadi tuan rumah untuk makeweekend di siapa yang sekitar Perak nak mewakili Universiti masing2 bolehlah daftar secara online..JOM! TAK RUGI! FREE ADMISSION! MAKANAN FREE! 

1. State innovation award (winning group gets a trip to KL for the Anugerah C1PTA and stands a chance to be recognized by the prime minister)

2. Best prototype award
3. People's choice award

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